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Frequently Asked Roof Questions

Take a Look at Some Questions We're Frequently Asked

You can rely on the professionals at JB Roofing to handle your residential and commercial roofing needs with ease. We understand how you may have some unanswered questions regarding your roof. 


Browse through some of the questions our professionals get asked frequently. If you still have a question that remains unanswered, please contact us and we'll do all we can to help you.


If I have shingles missing, will my roof leak?

No, there is still felt paper protecting your roof.


Is it ok to put a second layer of shingles on top of each other?

It is not recommended, the life of the top layer will be cut by almost 40%. This will cost more in the long run than doing a full tear-off and reshingle.


If there is a storm in my area, should I answer my door to a repair company?

Hail and wind will not damage the roof enough to make it leak immediately. Take your time to find your best option for your home. Do your research and be thorough in your process of hiring a local contractor.

We provide a 10-year
labor warranty on our services. 
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Came out to look at a leak I had on my roof. Gave me a simple fix first that might fix the problem instead of tearing into right away for a lot more money. Appreciate the honesty. I'll let you know if we need to work on it more thanks.


-Brandon McClatchey

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