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Durable Roofing Solutions: Why JB Roofing Prefers Owens Corning Shingles

Updated: Jun 26

Choosing the right shingles for your roof is a critical decision for any homeowner in Ankeny, IA, and the surrounding areas. Shingles not only protect your home from severe weather but also enhance its appearance and value. Durable roofing solutions are essential to ensure long-term protection and aesthetic appeal.

At JB Roofing, we prefer Owens Corning shingles for many reasons. These shingles are known for their:

  • Exceptional durability,

  • Superior storm resistance,

  • Comprehensive warranty packages,

  • And excellent support services.

In this article, we'll explain why Owens Corning shingles are our top choice. You'll learn about their outstanding durability, performance in severe weather, the benefits of their warranty programs, and the exceptional support we receive as a preferred vendor.

By the end, you'll understand why Owens Corning shingles are a trusted solution for protecting and enhancing our clients' homes.

Owens Roofing Shingles - Durable Roofing Solutions

Top Benefits of Owens Corning Shingles

Owens Corning shingles offer several advantages that set them apart. Here’s why they are a top choice for homeowners.

1. Durability and Performance

Owens Corning shingles are built to last. Their high durability ensures long-term protection for your home. A key feature is the SureNail Technology, providing a 130mph wind warranty. This means your roof can withstand extremely high winds without losing shingles, giving you peace of mind during stormy seasons.

When the Derecho, a powerful windstorm, hit the Midwest, Owens Corning shingles stood out. While other brands suffered significant damage, Owens Corning shingles remained intact, showcasing their superior wind resistance. This performance highlights their reliability in protecting homes in severe weather, especially in areas like Ankeny, IA.

2. Warranty Packages

A key benefit of Owens Corning shingles is their extensive warranty options, which are especially valuable for new construction roof installation. As a preferred vendor, JB Roofing is able to offer some of the most comprehensive warranties available, providing long-term protection for homeowners well beyond installation.

JB Roofing offers two main warranty choices from Owens Corning:

  • Preferred Warranty:

This warranty includes 10 years of workmanship coverage. It provides extensive protection for both materials and labor during this period, ensuring any defects or issues are promptly addressed.

  • System Warranty:

This option does not cover workmanship, but JB Roofing supplements it with a 10-year workmanship warranty for labor. This means homeowners still benefit from substantial protection, knowing that any labor-related issues will be covered by JB Roofing.

These robust warranties are a major reason why we advocate for Owens Corning shingles in all our new construction roof installation projects. The combination of Owens Corning’s reliable products and our commitment to quality workmanship ensures that homeowners receive top-tier roofing solutions.

3. Support and Service

Owens Corning provides excellent support and service to its preferred vendors. At JB Roofing, we benefit from continuous training and resources, keeping us updated on the latest installation techniques and product innovations. This partnership ensures we deliver top-quality service to our clients.

Additionally, Owens Corning’s customer service is exceptional. Any questions or issues we have are resolved quickly, allowing us to focus on providing excellent roofing solutions. This level of support is crucial for maintaining our high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction. With Owens Corning’s reliable backing, we confidently recommend their products.

Comparison with Other Roofing Brands

Owens Corning shingles stand out among competitors for various reasons. Here’s how they compare in performance and customer satisfaction.

Performance Comparison

When comparing roofing shingles, performance is a crucial factor. Owens Corning shingles excel in durability and weather resistance, outshining many other leading brands. The SureNail Technology used in Owens Corning shingles provides a strong, secure bond that withstands winds up to 130mph. This feature is often not matched by competitors, whose shingles can fail under similar conditions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is a critical measure of product quality. Owens Corning shingles receive high praise for their longevity and performance. Many homeowners in Ankeny, IA, and the surrounding areas have expressed their satisfaction with the durability and visual appeal of their roofs after opting for Owens Corning.

One homeowner remarked, “Following the Derecho, our Owens Corning roof was one of the few that didn’t require any repairs. The shingles performed remarkably well.”

Another customer commented, “The warranty and support from Owens Corning provided us with peace of mind. We felt confident we made a wise investment.”

These testimonials illustrate the high satisfaction levels among Owens Corning users. The blend of outstanding performance and extensive warranties helps homeowners feel assured in their decision.

Why JB Roofing Chooses Owens Corning

Being a preferred vendor of Owens Corning shingles offers numerous advantages. Here’s why we trust and choose this brand.

Preferred Vendor Status

Being a preferred vendor allows JB Roofing to offer enhanced services. We receive early access to innovative products, training programs, and essential resources, ensuring we stay updated with the latest roofing technologies.

Additionally, this status enables us to provide exclusive warranty options to our clients, offering them extended protection and peace of mind. These advantages help us deliver top-tier products and services that distinguish us in the market.

Quality Assurance

Owens Corning is dedicated to producing high-quality shingles. Their products go through comprehensive testing to meet stringent durability and performance criteria. This rigorous quality assurance process includes thorough inspections and strict compliance with industry best practices. Additionally, Owens Corning holds its preferred contractors to a high installation standard by carrying out an audit each year on our installations.

For JB Roofing, this means we can confidently install Owens Corning shingles, assured of their reliability for our clients. The company’s emphasis on excellence guarantees that our clients receive top-tier roofing solutions.

Building Client Trust

Using a well-known brand like Owens Corning significantly boosts client trust. Homeowners recognize Owens Corning as a leading name in the roofing industry, valued for its innovation and reliability. When clients see that we use Owens Corning products, they feel assured of the quality and durability of their new roof.

This confidence is further strengthened by the comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer support provided by Owens Corning. By choosing Owens Corning, JB Roofing not only offers exceptional roofing solutions but also builds lasting trust and relationships with our clients.

Final Thoughts on Owens Corning Shingles

Choosing the right roofing shingles can greatly impact your home's durability and look. Here's why JB Roofing trusts Owens Corning shingles and how you can benefit.


  • Durability: Owens Corning shingles are built to endure extreme weather with SureNail Technology.

  • Warranty: They offer extensive warranty packages for long-term peace of mind.

  • Vendor Benefits: We get early access to the latest products and training, ensuring cutting-edge service.

  • Quality Assurance: Their shingles go through strict testing to meet high standards.

  • Client Trust: Known for innovation and reliability, Owens Corning builds strong client confidence.

Ready to upgrade your roof? Choose JB Roofing and Owens Corning shingles for unmatched durability, performance, and peace of mind. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Let us help you protect and enhance your home with the best roofing solutions available. Reach out now and see the difference Owens Corning shingles can make for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Owens Corning Shingles

Here are answers to some common questions about Owens Corning shingles and general roofing concerns.

Are Owens Corning Shingles Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Owens Corning is dedicated to sustainability. They incorporate recycled materials into their shingles and focus on energy efficiency.

Some Owens Corning shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated, helping to reduce your home's energy consumption and lower utility costs.

What Maintenance Do Owens Corning Shingles Require?

How Does the Installation Process Work?

Can Owens Corning Shingles Be Customized?

What Should I Do If I Notice a Problem with My Roof?

How Do Owens Corning Shingles Improve Energy Efficiency?


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