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When to Replace Your Gutters - How You Can Know

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

It's easy to overlook your gutter systems, but the truth is they play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. And that's why it's important to regularly maintain and prepare your gutters for each season. All gutters have to be replaced after awhile, but taking care of them will help them last for many years.

The important role of your gutter system

Your home’s gutters consist of a series of canals and downspouts meant to move water down and away from your home. This keeps water from pooling on your roof, splashing on your siding and walls, or pooling on the ground where it damages your foundation and leaks into the basement. Gutter repairs are an ongoing home maintenance cost, but there eventually comes a time when the cost of maintenance will exceed the expense of repairs.

At JB Roofing & Gutters here in Iowa, we can replace your damaged gutters with a gutter system to fit your home's needs. Watch out for these six signs to know if your gutters should be repaired or replaced.

When to Repair or Replace Your Gutters

1. Water or signs of mildew on the ground around your home

It’s your gutters’ job to move water away from your home. But when they’re not functioning properly, water will drain to the ground near your home's foundation. This can lead to water inside your home. As a result, mold and mildew can become a problem inside your home, damaging your interior and creating health problems. If you notice this, there may be a clog or other serious problems with the gutter system.

2. Sagging gutters

When your gutters fill with water rather than draining water away from your home, they become too heavy and sag. This is a sign of significant gutter damage. Be sure to give us a call right away if you notice this.

3. Seam failure

A gutter’s seams represent its greatest points of vulnerability. To reduce the chance of seam failure in your new gutter system, consider replacing your old gutters with seamless gutters.

4. Paint peeling on or around your gutters

The paint on your gutter should withstand the typical wear and tear over the seasons. Peeling paint is an indication of extremely old gutters or a sign that water is continually present. This could mean water isn't flowing properly through your gutter system as a result of a clog, cracks, or other damage.

5. Cracks or splits of any kind

Whether they're large or small, cracks eventually turn into big problems. If you don't repair them, they can damage the fascia boards behind the gutters, the shingles above the gutter, and even the foundation below.

6. Water damage or watermarks directly beneath the gutters

Check your gutters at least once a year on a day that’s relatively sunny and free from rain. Water damage or marks underneath the gutter indicates a leaking or overflowing gutter. This misdirected water can damage your soffit and fascia board.

Midwest gutter installation

If your gutters are sagging, cracked, or otherwise damaged, contact our team at JB Roofing to learn what option would be best for your home.

We take every step to ensure the integrity of your home and the safety of your family. To get a free estimate on your gutter replacement project, call us today at 515-554-1964 or contact us online to get your consultation today.


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