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Things to Consider Before Getting a New Roof on Your House

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Whether you opt for JB Roofing or another company, I want to provide you with five essential things to consider before getting a new roof.

Honesty and integrity are words often thrown around. But they are two words we stand behind at JB Roofing. Because we want you to have complete confidence when you hire us to repair or replace your roof.

So, before you go any further, consider the following before you have your roof replaced.

Five things to consider before getting a new roof

1. Choose the right contractor

Some homeowners may opt to install their roofs themselves, but most choose to hire a professional roofing company to tackle the project. Take the time to make some calls to various roofing companies in the area before making a decision.

Consider their reputation over their quote. Some companies provide a low bid simply because they employ inexperienced workers. For these reasons, it is extremely important to be careful about the company you hire. Get references from friends and read reviews.

2. Remember roofing is noisy

If you’ve never had your roof replaced you may not realize how noisy it can be.

Stripping off old shingles and hammering on new ones creates a lot of noise. It may be best to go somewhere else while the roofing is taking place especially if you have small children or pets.

It’s also a good idea to get your car out of the garage and out of the driveway if you plan to leave your home during the day. You’ll want to do this before the shingles are delivered. Otherwise, the shingle delivery truck might block you in.

3. Ask for a contract

Before any work begins, make sure to ask your roofing contractor. You want to be sure it includes everything you have talked about.

Things that should be included:

  • shingle type

  • shingle color

  • the area of the roof that will be worked on

  • what the work involves (i.e. layering, flashing, stripping, etc.)

Ask all the questions you feel you need to and confirm that everything you discussed is included in the contract before the work begins.

4. Obtain additional documents

There are two additional documents that should be obtained in addition to a contract.

One of these is a letter from the contractor's insurance company that confirms the project is covered. The other is the contractor's registration number with the State of Iowa. You can also look it up publicly on the Iowa Workforce Development website.

5. Don't pay until the nails are picked up

When an old roof is peeled off thousands of nails are stripped off with it. Many of these nails will end up in your lawn and on your driveway. If they’re not picked up, they can lead to injury or property damage (like flat tires).

Roofing contractors have a piece of equipment that picks up these stray nails: an enormous magnet with wheels that they use to take around the yard to grab these remaining fasteners.

However, sometimes roofers forget to bring these magnets along. Make sure to ask them whether the nail-collecting has been completed prior to paying.


Too many homeowners face issues like shoddy workmanship or unfinished tasks. However, by taking these five things to consider before getting a new roof into account, you can avoid falling prey to dishonest contractors.

Before you sign a contract or agree to anything, be sure you’ve checked these 5 boxes.

Your home is your largest investment. And your roof plays a very important part in protecting it. So, don't trust it to anyone.

Give JB Roofing a call at 515-554-1964 today to repair any springtime roofing problems you might encounter. We'd be happy to provide a free estimate.


May 17

Great article! These five key points are essential for anyone considering a new roof. It's especially important to focus on choosing a trustworthy contractor like Roofing Contractor Northern Va, ensuring all agreements are clearly outlined in a contract. The reminder about the noise and cleanup is super practical too. Thanks for sharing these insights—it's a helpful guide for making informed decisions and protecting one's home investment.


Alison Cooper
Alison Cooper
Jun 21, 2023

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